UTV Brake Lines for Honda Talon 1000X


As you know All of the Sport UTV's Except the Talon 1000X and Talon 1000R come with Braided Stainless-Steel OEM Brake Lines. The Talons come with OEM Rubber Brake Lines. The problem with rubber Brake Lines is that when the vehicle is driven hard and fast is that the brake line fluid gets super-hot and then the lines swell and your brakes go away and you cannot stop your vehicle. With our American Star-Speedline'z Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines your car will stop faster and the line's will never swell.  In addition, they are DOT Approved and that is necessary if you want to make your Talon Street Legal! We have added a Carbon Fiber Colored Medium Dark Gray Colored PFTE Protective Colored Coating to the lines. With the Braided Steel Lines Appearing Through the Covering They Have What Many of Our Customers Have Told Us a Carbon Fiber Look to Them. In Addition, unlike most other companies we have used High Quality Black Chrome Banjo Fittings Installed our exclusive DOT Approved Black Boot on The Lines. These Lines Are Fully DOT Approved and Meet the Very Highest DOT and ISO Standards. Our lines come complete with Copper Banjo Washers. As many of you know American Star-Speedline'z has been in the Off-Road ATV and UTV Brake Line Business for Nearly Two Decades. You Can Expect the Same High Quality With our New on Road, Off Road UTV and Side by Side Brake Lines as well. These Totally Awesome Brake Lines Come with A Lifetime Standard Warranty. And as always you can be assured of exceptional quality and the very best customer service we have always provided.