ATV Front and Rear Kit Elka Shocks for Suzuki LTZ250


The Legacy Series Front and Rear Shock Kits are ideal for Racing, Sport and Recreational Riders recreational riders looking for a really great, very affordable shock upgrade. Or even a person just wanting to replace their old worn out OEM Shocks.  The Legacy Series Shocks will improve the comfort, ride compliance and handling beyond well beyond what the OEM stock shocks have to offer. There are Two Legacy Series Shock Models.

The Legacy Series Front Shocks offer a 36mm steel body, External reservoirs, Compression adjustment and Spring preload adjustment while the Rear Shocks offer a 46mm steel body, Remote external reservoir, Compression adjustment, Rebound adjustment and Spring preload adjustment. Total Adjustability for the most extreme Sport and Racing riding conditions or just a nice plush comfortable ride for the trails. NEW: Optional rebound adjuster available for the front shocks, comes with FREE shock protectors

There is also the Legacy Series Plus Front and Rear Shock Kits Available. The difference is that you get Rebound Adjustment on the Front and Rear Shocks both. Whereas on the Legacy Series you get Rebound Adjustment on the rear shock only. These shocks are manufactured specifically to your ATV, Riding Style and Riding Ability, The Type of Terrain you mostly ride as well as your weight with riding gear on so please call us at 435-562-4386 after you order so we can get this information from you. Allow two weeks before they ship because of build time.

Please remember that when running a wider set of A-Arms than Stock OEM Arms. You need new shocks to compensate for the additional leverage created by the extra width of new wider a-arms. Otherwise your ATV suspension will be to soft and you could get hurt. We appreciate having you as a customer and do not ever like to see a customer get Injured!