Front A-Arm Bushing 16-Pieces for Polaris RZR XP 1000, XP 4 1000, XP 4 Turbo, XP Turbo


Our bushings are liquid precision mold injected and more superior compared other company machined Delron, Delrin and Nylatron Polymide bushings. The tolerances on our bushings never vary. They are always exactly the same! Machined bushings are subject to both machine and setup errors. Measure a machined bushing and you will find that none of them are exactly the same. Additionally most other bushings are a mixture of the main material and lower grade plastics.

Our Bushings are All Delron (Delrin) and we never sacrifice quality to make an extra buck! Over the last 8 years we have sold over 5 Million of these bushings and never had one come back.